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Larry Sandefer recently received advanced level training, from the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, on how to Fight The Lack Of Convergence Test. Larry received training on the issues with the Lack of Convergence Test. Important issues include: the test may not be reliable because some people normally have the inability to cross their eyes, officers can produce an adverse outcome if they fail to let a person wear their glasses during the test, and officers can also produce an adverse outcome if they bring the stimulus in closer than 2 inches from the bridge of the nose.

The American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys has compiled information from Judges, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (the Top DUI Prosecutors in each State), DUI Prosecutors, current Law Enforcement Officers, former Law Enforcement Officers, and DUI Defense Attorneys to determine exactly what skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial.

When people need a DUI Attorney, the biggest challenge is knowing whether or not an attorney truly has the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases. Countless attorneys handle DUI cases. But, only a very small percentage have the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that are needed to successfully resolve and win DUI cases.

Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys have received advanced level training on the strategies that win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial. Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys also have access to the resources and tools that are used to win and successfully resolve DUI cases and these are resources and tools that only a very small percentage of DUI attorneys have access to and use.


Later known as the Sandefer Law Firm, was first established in 1991. From 1978 to 1986, Larry Sandefer was a prosecutor in the Sixth Judicial Circuit, Pinellas County, Florida. While there, he was elevated to the positions of Lead Trial Attorney and Division Director.  In those positions he supervised trial attorneys in several felony and misdemeanor Court divisions and made decisions regarding active cases.  He also tried major cases including homicides, sexual batteries, drug trafficking, and all other types of felonies and misdemeanors. He served on the homicide response team.  After leaving the State Attorney’s Office, Mr. Sandefer served in private practice with a well established law firm before opening his own office in 1991.

Sandefer Law Firm concentrates on criminal defense matters as well as DUI defense. Criminal matters include DUI, DUI manslaughter, homicide, drug trafficking, drug sale and possession, sexual battery, sex crimes, Internet crimes, pornography, theft, burglary, conspiracy, elder abuse, child abuse, consumer crimes and consumer fraud, domestic violence, organized crime, weapons offenses, 10/20/ life, retail theft, and all types of felonies and misdemeanors, including applications for sealing records, probation violations, juvenile crime, and termination of probation.


Larry Sandefer’s experience is varied. Throughout his life, he has consistently been honored with leadership positions. He was named one of the outstanding high school graduates in Florida in 1968. While in college at Auburn University in Alabama, he was selected for the National Leadership Honorary Fraternity Omicron Delta Kappa. He was treasurer of his business fraternity as well as treasurer and president of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Also, while at Auburn, he was named the Assistant Director of Auburn Free University. He was a four year starter on the varsity tennis team and was active in ROTC (USAF). He graduated receiving his Bachelor of Science in business and management in 1972.

Between college and law school, Larry Sandefer was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force serving as a Procurement Officer on active duty at K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base in the upper peninsula of Michigan. While there, he was assigned to investigate irregularities in the career innovation program of the 410th Transportation Squadron leading an investigation of military personnel. While in the Air Force, Larry Sandefer also was a radio announcer at a cable radio station where he was music director. He attended the Air Force Institute of Technology Contract Law School in Denver Colorado.  He left active duty as a First Lieutenant serving briefly as a reserve.

Larry Sandefer then attended law school at the University of Florida where he was elected President of the Legal Fraternity Phi Delta Phi. He was named as Honor Court Defense Counsel and later   Honor Court Chief Defense Counsel, given the duty of defending students charged with violation of University policies and/or cheating. Finally, while in law school he named one of three Student Supreme Court Justices at the University of Florida.  In that position he heard appeals and decided cases regarding student government elections student government issues.

Larry Sandefer’s legal career began as an Assistant State Attorney in the Sixth Judicial Circuit under James T. Russell, State Attorney. He served in that position for over eight years, serving as a Lead Trial Attorney supervising other felony trial attorneys. He then was appointed as one of three Division Directors responsible for major cases and training and supervising felony and misdemeanor divisions.

Continuing Legal Education/Certification

Mr. Sandefer has continued to educate himself and stay abreast of the latest legal developments. He was one of the first attorneys in the State of Florida, and the first in the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida (Pinellas and Pasco Counties) to become Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law in 1987 and has maintained that certification since that date. He was the only attorney in the Sixth Circuit to be honored at the Florida Bar Convention 2012 by the Board of Legal Specialization and Education for being Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law for over 25 years.

Board certification standards require a rigorous examination and the experience of being the lead attorney on a large number of felony trials. It is considered the ‘gold standard’ when rating criminal defense attorneys.

After over 30 years in criminal law in Florida, Mr. Sandefer is familiar with and has worked very often with the Judges and prosecutors assigned to the criminal and civil courts. He is a former prosecutor of over eight years, with experience as both a Lead Trial Attorney and a Division Director in the State Attorney’s Office. In those positions, he not only tried the most serious cases, he also supervised several trial divisions and trial attorneys. He is one of only a select few attorneys who have the experience of being former Division Directors.  There he was involved with the investigation and decision making aspects of these charges as well as sentencing decisions. The present Division Directors in the 6th Judicial Circuit still operate in the same manner as they did when Mr. Sandefer was a Division Director, and, therefore Mr. Sandefer is well acquainted with what goes in to decisions and it’s importance to the person making these decisions. As a member of the homicide investigation unit, he was often called out to the scene of homicides. In 1986, Mr. Sandefer opened his own office and has continued in the defense of criminal cases since that time. He was one of the first attorney’s in the State of Florida to become a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Law, that occurred in 1987. He was the first attorney in the 6th Judicial Circuit (Pinellas and Pasco Counties) to earn certification as a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Law. He has maintained certification continually since that date. This vast background of experience gives him the knowledge of both sides of a criminal case from both a decision making perspective and a trial perspective, and the understanding of what affects those decisions by the prosecution and what goes into those decisions. What this means for you is the knowledge, the experience, and the court room skills to assist you in your defense.  But, what Mr. Sandefer and Sandefer Law Firm take the most pride in is treating our clients the way we would want to be treated and providing with the best defense and best advice that we can. Mr. Sandefer has continued his training through continuing education courses involving violent crime, organized crime, defending capital cases in Florida, narcotic investigation techniques, false child abuse allegations, and numerous other education programs by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a graduate of the Criminal Trial Advocacy Institute at the University of Florida and has attended Masters of DUI Courses of the Florida Bar and the DUI Defender Courses in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Sandefer has been honored with the national recognition of being named to the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers in America. This is a register which lists only the most distinguished law practices, those that signify the highest levels of legal ability and the adherence to professional standards of conduct, ethics, reliability, and diligence. Mr. Sandefer has achieved a prestigious rating of AV by Martindale-Hubbell. This rating is a result of a peer review system based upon the confidential opinions of practicing attorneys and judges. Martindale-Hubbell has been recognized for over a century as the most respected source of authoritative information about members of the legal community. An AV rating reflects an attorney who has reached the heights of professional excellence and is recognized for the highest level of skill, integrity, and ethical standards. He has been named a Florida Super Lawyer by Florida Super Magazine in 2009 and one of the top 100 Trial Attorneys in Florida by the National Trial Lawyers Association.


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