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The Holy Grail of DUI Defense is having access to and skillfully using the National Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA) Police Training Manuals against an officer and a prosecutor at trial. These Police Training Manuals give a Defense Attorney the ability to win DUI cases by holding the arresting officer and the prosecutor accountable to the facts in their case. These manuals are the exact same manuals that officers use during their training courses and the skilled Defense Attorney will be able to use them to prove to the Judge or a Jury exactly what the officer did wrong during the investigation, why the officer should not be trusted, what evidence is not present that should be present if a person is actually guilty of DUI, and why the evidence shows that there is reasonable doubt and the person is not guilty of DUI.

Our member attorneys not only get access to all of these manuals, but they receive extensive and ongoing training on exactly how to use these manuals at trials and hearings to successfully cross-examine officers, extract needed information from officers as they testify, and get officers to explain to the Judge or a Jury that a person is not guilty of DUI.

To access, view, download, and use the 14 most currently available National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Manuals as well as prior versions of these manuals dating back to 1980, please login to your Member Account.



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